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I strung this as a hybrid with gosen 16 natural in the crosses. The mains were strung at 52lbs, and the crosses 54, on a klippermate. While stringing, I noticed that the strings did not stretch at all. I chose to do a hybrid over full poly because none of the pros who use this string use it in a full bed. They always hybrid it.

My regular string setup constantly changes, but I have very much liked Big Hitter Blue Rough and Isospeed Baseline spin with gosen in the crosses, and at the same tension used above.

I used a Dunlop aerogel 4d 300 tour, with lead in the hoop.

Power: This string was not powerful in the slightest. I really had to swing to get some pop, but even then, it wasn't all that much. I did enjoy the fact that I have to provide my own power though.

Feel: This string had a lot of touch. drop shots were beautiful , and i was able to play volleys where I wanted to. It was not stiff, but crisp. On forehands from the baseline, I was able to feel the ball as I hit it; not something that usually happens.

Spin: This string was not all that good in the spin department, but since I have a sort of loopy forehand, it actually helped flatten out my strokes. This is no BHBR. It doesn't win points for you.

Comfort: I have never had any elbow problems, so pretty much every string is nice and comfy. It was not mushy, but crisp.

Durability: After 4 hours of play today, I did not see any notching, but I rarely do this early, as my frame has an 18x20 string pattern. I'll have to see if I will cut it out first, or break it.

Tension Maintenance: I didn't notice a change while playing, but I will update this the next time that I play.

Control: As this string was low powered, the trajectory was predictable. Not all that high, and not all that low. Sort of a medium throw.

Compared to BHBR: I did like this more than BHBR, in the sense that this is a more advanced players string. It is meant for someone who has dependable strokes, and doesn't need to get lucky with crazy topspin. There was not as much spin, but I don't think that it made a difference.

Tension recommendations: I would leave mine at the same tension. It is in that area where going too tight would make it too low powered, and making it looser would make it like a generic poly. I think that the point of this string is to be low powered, so why string it looser to make it powerful?

Summary: 1. I liked the fact that using this string makes you focus on your strokes, and made my forehand less loopy.

2. I also loved the feel. This is my favorite setup for volleys.

I disliked the fact that it was low powered, but I think that it was what luxilon intended.

Thanks to TW and Lux for the string and shirt. This was a very fun play test.
Dunlop Aerogel 4d 300 Tour w/leather & 4 grams lead at 3&9, Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 16 48 lbs

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