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Originally Posted by Lsmkenpo View Post
Christ sakes, The majority of the time Mustard googles up stats for the sole purpose of trying to discredit Federer's accomplishments, he has about a thousand posts trying to build up Laver as the GOAT, and admitted he doesn't believe it himself, he only does it because others are supporting Federer as the GOAT. He is on a futile propaganda campaign to build up Nadal and tangentially discredit Federer any way possible. This is the basis of the majority of stats he googles up and pastes here, pathetic. Funny, how posters can't see his true colors, and think he is reasonable. He is somewhat passive, that is the only thing that makes him seem reasonable. If you really take a deeper look, you will see he is one of the most extreme Nadal fans on the board.
God forbid a Nadal fan should make a case for Nadal.

If anything, this post exposed your fanaticism and zealousness. You apparently cannot stomach a divergent viewpoint.
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