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Default Is There Forgiveness At The Slams?

Is there forgiveness by Djokovic toward Federer, in his losses to Federer at 2007 US Open and 2011 French Open?

Is there forgiveness by Federer toward Nadal, in his losses to Nadal at 2008 Wimbledon and 2009 Australian Open?

Is there forgiveness by Nadal toward Djokovic, in his losses to Djokovic at 2011 Wimbledon and 2011 US Open?

This era is very well-known for appearing to have a friendly atmosphere between the very top players, but how far does the friendship penetrate into the deep recesses of those players' minds?

Which feeling is stronger, being a fellow rival at the top of tennis, or being cursed with a loss that should have been a win?
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