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Originally Posted by bubba maroon View Post
certainly not from the 2011-12 probably mean some guy from deer park...
No, Foreigners are anyone who were not born and raised in Binghamton. The school in question is SUNY Binghamton so anyone not from there are foreigners. I'm sick and tire of out of towners using our roads, drinking our water, breather our air. My taxes should be spent only on those who are my peeps and have shared in our tax burden.

On Long Island, every few blocks has at least one Fire Dept, a school district, library and churches. Only then can we control the runaway cost of government. We also have our own militia to defend ourselves against invaders. We stand our ground. Somebody walks or drive into our block, we ask for their block issue ID (not that crap State Driver License). If they can't prove they live in our block we escort them out. This is America not some communist country where free loaders can just kick back and spend tax payers' money.
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