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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
This board needs a lot more "fun". We should look into starting a thread where we prove that no name journeymen would beat legends of the past.

Rosol, Gulbis and Volandri immediately spring to mind. If we do it right, this could go all the way back to William Renshaw's time, lmao.
Excellent! That's certainly a great idea.

I think we have 2 different ideas based on roughly the same concept:

- The one you propose, based on demonstrating that C-list players beat the greatest players of all time indirectly.

- Make some analysis based on matches between players of overlapping generations and extrapolate to create a sort of uniform quantification which might provide The Holy Grail of TTW Forum (an answer to the old age question of WTF is the GOAT).
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