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Originally Posted by mary fierce View Post
Times have certainly changed. I thought guys who go on business trips are supposed to donate to Goodwill, not raid their shelves for merchandise donated by others so the needy could obtain things they otherwise couldn't afford.
Goodwill (charity shops in the UK) are not for the exclusive use of the those in need. I agree they are a good way of those less fortunate to get items/clothes etc they otherwise couldn't get elsewhere, and i agree they are a good way of employing people unable to find other jobs, but they are for everyone to use & buy from. The money goes to a good cause, as mentioned previously, otherwise, what would you suggest? Security personnel on the door frisking the customers for items of wealth? "Excuse me madam, your watch is Armani, you cant come in here, you're not poor enough. Sir, please step outside, those trainers (sneakers) aren't dirty enough and have no holes in them! Get out & don't waste my time!"
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