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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post

I believe that the 'current' forehand has some characteristics that you could focus on

The free arm helping with a shoulder turn

Look at the other tennisoxygen forehand YT videos also.

(another thread on this subject )

In the backswing, it looks as if you could use more shoulder turn - keeping the free arm on the racket in the backswing helps.

In Elliott's reference, Technique Development in Stroke Production, he breaks down the main components of the forehand and gives the logic of why they are there, for example, to provide stretch loading. One thing that is needed in your pattern is more turn of your shoulders than your hips in the backswing [lumbar rotation by the internal & external obliques]. When the line between the shoulders turns a little more than the line between the hips it stretches the muscles of the trunk. This stretch energy is then used in the forward trunk turn that adds racket head speed to the forehand. Djokovic uses a lot of this corkscrew-like motion. Be careful though as twisting too freely and too much might be rough on some backs. The overall concept is that the body turn adds pace and this is one component of body turn.

I find that if I do this I get more pace and it feels good. The extra shoulder turn adds a timing issue. I'm trying to get this motion into my game forehand now.

For timing I have a tendency to get lazy and decide what to do as the ball crosses the net. This works with low pace balls arriving but not heavier pace balls. I try to start stroke preparation as the ball leaves the opponent's racket.

At the beginning of your video it looked as if you were looping slower maybe more conscious of your forehand form.
You are right, I need more shoulder turn. I actually started doing that by holding the racket neck with my right hand a bit longer. That seems to be working well with my turn plus it makes the take back more compact.
The problem is, once I start hitting harder I tend to forget about it and slip back to my old style. I don't know how to force myself to it consistently. At the begining we were just warming up.
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