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Originally Posted by kishnabe View Post
It not the 60s when you can get drunk and have a laugh while not caring about ranking since it does not exist.

Right now the sport is money oriented....there is not much comaradie.....just professionalism to the extreme.

They would sell friendship if it meant more money and exposure to media.
But that is what happened when Nadal and Federer made a video about their exhibition match a few years ago.

I think they developed a friendship from 2006 to 2008, where either Nadal and Federer either won on their favored surfaces, or the matches were really close (even though Nadal won in 2008 Wimbledon, the score was very close).

It seems, though, that the friendship was complicated in 2009 Australian Open when Federer "should have" won, but lost. Federer seems to have forgiven Nadal for that loss, and I believe the forgiveness was largely due to Nadal's injury in 2009. By the time it was 2010, they were complete friends again.

Go forward 2 years to 2011, when Nadal and Djokovic were playing their high-profile matches against each other. It was a different story, because the moment Djokovic wins against Nadal at Rome in straight sets, they are suddenly enemies to a much higher degree, as it seems from watching.

When the battle continued at Wimbledon, Djokovic's streak continued as well as Nadal's losses against him.

I thought that Rafa has probably not yet forgiven Djokovic for those losses.

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