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Genetic inheritage definitively has a lot to do with how a person looks. Fed can try a lot of weight lifting, but may never have the same bicep size as Rafa, not that's what he wants anyway. Second, tennis requires a lot of short but explosive movements and over a long period of time (long rallies, long matches). So a player has to make some kind of trade-offs between being overly muscular, lean, and endurant, etc. In general, the lighter you are the better your movements are maintained, and the easier it's on your joints. IMO, Fed and other top players kind of figure out already what their range of ideal weight is and they try to maintain it. On top of that, one's style of play also comes in play in term of helping someone to remain injury-free. Fed and perhaps a few other players, Edberg comes to my mind, have very good footwork so they look like they glide over instead of running or shuffling on the courts like us the mere mortals.
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