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Originally Posted by scineram View Post
What is there to forgive?
A legitimate question that deserves a legitimate answer...

I think in tennis, there is clearly a potential for both anger and forgiveness.

I guess both can roughly be categorized into "professional" anger/forgiveness and "personal" anger/forgiveness.

For example, between Federer and Nadal, there was a slight phase of personal anger/forgiveness in 2006, when Federer called Nadal's game "one-dimensional", and Nadal said that Federer "needs to learn how to lose". All of that disappeared after they swapped victories at the 2006 Wimbledon and French Open.

Jump ahead to 2009 AO, and we saw a slight phase of professional anger/forgiveness, that started once Nadal won the 2009 AO title, but ended once Federer won both French Open and Wimbledon in 2009, both times avoiding Nadal completely.

On the other hand, in 2011 Nadal and Djokovic experienced both professional and personal anger against each other. After 2012 AO, the professsional anger faded away (partly thanks to Nadal's 2012 FO win), but the personal anger perhaps remained to some extent...
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