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Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
I have four IG Prestige MP Pro Stocks and they came with three strips of tape from 10:00 to 2:00 - the swingweight was measured at 384. It's an interesting frame to hit with. The broker had a fairly difficult time selling these - not too many people want frames with that swingweight. You can remove some of it but it seems that most people like to leave them as they received them.

My regular frames are only in the low 360s.
"Only" in the 360s? That would be a beast for most of us! haha I'm curious -- what do you find to be the biggest difference in playability between a 330SW racquet and a 360. Obviously it will be more difficult to get around, but if one can (at least temporarily) get over that obstacle, I'd be interested to hear how it comes through the contact zone, feels, and the sort of action on the ball you get.
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