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Originally Posted by Monsieur_DeLarge View Post
A contrast in styles ~ serve-volleyer vs baseliner ~ often makes for a good rivalry, so I'm going to put Edberg vs Muster out there (10-0).

Sorry, Mustard.


Edberg was just a nightmare matchup for Muster in every way, because Muster loved to go toe-to-toe in baseline wars and he liked to go through opponents as he wasn't as good with passing shots. Edberg would always hover around the net, hitting away volleys, and being a right nuisance

It speaks volumes about Muster's fighting ability that he came close to winning a few of the matches, including one on grass at 1996 Queen's Club. However, I firmly believe that Muster would have beaten Edberg on clay in 1995-1996, but they didn't meet.
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