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Originally Posted by Teniludius View Post
"Only" in the 360s? That would be a beast for most of us! haha I'm curious -- what do you find to be the biggest difference in playability between a 330SW racquet and a 360. Obviously it will be more difficult to get around, but if one can (at least temporarily) get over that obstacle, I'd be interested to hear how it comes through the contact zone, feels, and the sort of action on the ball you get.
My SW has moved down quite a bit in the last year or so, down from the high 380's to around 340. I'm not him but I can give my insight to it.

Free Power. Man with a high SW the free power is huge. Get your stick in front of the ball and you are more then likely getting it back. Volleying with it creates huge stability and groundies become very very heavy. The only downside for me is the serve. It really took a toll on my shoulder/wrist/elbow for serving which is why I only did it for a few months. It's definitely a very nice feel off the ground, so in my mind a perfect rallying spec. Not very good for match play for myself however.

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