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I have had my shoulder go dead in that front spot right at the joint. It happened twice over 35 years of playing. And, I most always have a very minor amount of pain there - probably micro-tendinitos.

By dead, I mean I could not lift my arm from the hanging postion - arm just dangling and you can not control it. Literally could not lift my arm to make my dangling hand move more than 6-8 inches from my side/waist. Both times, pregnazone (spelling?) helped cure it in a few days with rest and ice.

Search internet for "throwers 10 exercies" for exercises. I do several of these but not all 10 with low weight 2-4 times per week. I use either 5 or 8 lbs weights - 2 sets of 15 reps. I do bicep curls, pull overs, chest flies, back flies, back rows, chest presses, and shoulder lift to side. I have done the rubber band rotator cuff pulls - both directions - in the past too. Note, I try to balance front and back - chest flies vs back flies, chest press vs back rows, bicep curls with tricep pull overs. The shoulder lift to the front doesn't have a matching reverse exercise.

You also need to rest if you feel pain. If the area is inflamed and weakened, you are prone to injure it more seriously if you don't rest it. I did not rest as once warmed up, I could play tennis until I woke up one morning and my arm would just dangle by my side.

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