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Originally Posted by bubba maroon View Post
but I am aware that the mentioned individual wanted to play at point is that no americans are on the team and that is not a coincidence...there are plenty of guys from new york state who would be happy to go to college there especially with one of the scholarships that are being given to the foreign contingent....I understand that the team is doing well but so was their basketball until a couple of years ago when one of their star foreign players turned some innocent kid from brooklyn into a virtual vegetable and somewhat later when their star point guard was busted for dealing crack....the millions of dollars wasted by new york state on paying the remainder of the basketball coaches contract overshadows the fact that new yorkers are not welcome on the tennis team at a state I wonder how good binghamton would be if they did not have money for tennis scholarships for foreigners
Wow, your interpretation of the Binghamton hoops scandal being the one foreign players fight is pretty amazing. It didn't have anything to do with the domestic players arrests for stealing condoms from WalMart and subsequently running over a 66 y/o woman? Another American dealing crack on campus? The coach pressuring faculty to change players grades? The athletic department pressuring admissions to lower academic requirements? The wide spread recruiting of players from a Philly diploma mill?

Dude, the one incident by the foreign kid (tragic as it was) was just one incident amongst many. You cannot be serious that the bball program's scandal was that one foreigners fault?

And frankly, I don't think there is enough interest among quality American recruits to keep Binghamton respectable in tennis. That program would fizzle without the use of foreign recruits. It's not exactly a dream school for 5-star recruits.

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