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Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
I'm already thinking of getting the gel game 3, on the back of this thread. I want shoes that enable me to deal better with low slices (i'm 6'4). Plus, I just prefer the feel of low to the ground shoes
I don't know that they'll help your slice, but my general feeling is that the lower to the ground a shoe is, other things equal, the better because of increased stability. If you think about the extremes, this is definitely true. Are you more stable barefoot or walking on platform shoes or in high heels?

There's also a mistaken belief that more cushioning is superior to less. I've found that in walking, a stiffer shoe with less cushioning actually makes walking easier because your foot compresses material in a soft shoe and dissipates energy. Especially for performance, more cushioning is probably worse than less.

The Gel Game series is low to ground. I measured an old used pair of Gel Game (don't know which #?) and it seems to be 2.8cm of heel stack.

It would be nice if we could see some measurements form the Nike shoes which seem to be so popular.
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