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Wilson Shock Shield dampens the vibrations more than any other grip, but Sorbothane is more effective. I have a sheet of sorbothane 1mm thick (50 duro), and I put it under a pallet. This mutes and dampens the racquet noticeably more than the Shock Shield, and it also does it in a very different manner. I feel that Wilson is great at dispersing tiny vibrations, but not the big ones. Sorbothane on the hairpin is just the opposite: it dampens the big ones, but the little ones pass through. Wilson Shock Shield gives the effect of playing in gloves; sorbothane gives more of a feel of playing with a rubberized frame.

This setup works best if you start with a racquet which is lighter than your target specs, and is also 1-2 grip sizes smaller than what you need.

The $20 sheets from Edmunds Scientific are no good. 1/10 is too thick to be of any use. It is about 3-4mm thick. No good for tennis. You cannot do anything with it.
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