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Originally Posted by benmarks1984 View Post
To be fair to Wilander, its not like he dropped of the map in 84-86. He still remained in the top 5 rankings and won the French and Davis cup in 85', R/up in the Austrialian in 85', plus he took Mcenroe to 5 sets in US Open S/final in 85'.

Think this thread should be more like "What Happened to Wilander after 1988." Such a shame he couldnt continue his 87/88 form into the 1990s. If he had, he could have easily beat Roy Emerson's record at the time of 12 majors

No way could wilander of beat emerson's dodgy record. Lendl had on off year in 88 which in my opinion contributed to wilander's three slams that year, lendl 89-90 would have beat wilander 88.
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