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Default Only should measure gaps during a players prime

Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Wilander - no Wimbledon or Masters
Ashe - no French Open or Masters
Vines - no French

I think what hurts Pancho's career the most is the lack of any Grand Slam titles outside of Forest Hills. He was unable to play them for almost all his career. So his career remains underappreciated, to put it mildly.
I guess it shouldn't be counted against someone if they couldn't play an event during their prime. Prime Gonzales was from 1952 to early 60's so that is why I didn't list Wimbledon or the French Open as gaps in his CV. The other thing is a player shouldn't be regarded as having a gap if a tournament wasn't regarded highly during their prime - even if it later came to prominence eg you can't say that Lendl's lack of the Olympics Gold is significant at all.
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