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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
All this was true of Bill Johnston as well. Like Tilden he won Wimbledon, the US, the WHCC and the Davis Cup, but no Australian.

Borotra actually went to play the Australian one year and won it. He also won a French and Wimbledon, but never won at Forest Hills (he made the final in 1926 but was blown out by Lacoste 6-4, 6-0, 6-4).

Cochet and Lacoste each won all the Grand Slam titles except the Australian (which I don't think they ever played). Lacoste never won the WHCC, though (nor did Borotra).
Did Anthony Wilding ever play at the US Championships? He won everything else, Wimbledon, the WHCC, the WCCC, and even the Australasian Championships before it was a major. Of course, Wilding won the WHCC, Wimbledon and the WCCC in 1913, which were the 3 officially recognised majors by the newly formed ILTF at the time.
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