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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
My daughter played their daughter at a Bullfrog tournament this summer.The mother and father were extremely nice.I never would have thought they were filthy rich.The boys were crazy about tennis.They showed me videos of them skateboarding.The mother told me that one day they both just decided that they didnt wanna keep skating.They didnt move for tennis.They were such a down to earth family you would never know they were so wealthy.
Yes, as I was re-reading this thread I wanted to explain a little more on the family. Both parents are indeed super nice and awesome and in no way are the pushy, overbearing tennis parents that would be cast in the tennis version of "Dance Moms." They are extremely supportive, and the father just tends to enjoy showing the world how talented his children are and helping them reach their goals and full potential, rather than forcing them to do something that they don't want to do.
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