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Originally Posted by bubba maroon View Post
I said he turned some innocent brooklyn kid into a vegetable...I would not summarily dismiss it as one tragic instance....

you guys dismiss a program if they are not loaded with five star players...granted five star players would rather go ivy...winning isn't everything

btw I hear wake is getting a guy who attended Cornell and had to leave after he was charged with felonies as a result of a hazing death
Uhhh, you still have not stated the coaches position on the kid he "cold shouldered" and you have not stated the kids story on why he supposedly went to Binghamton a semester only to end up at WF as a contributor as #6 singles and #3 dubs, for 2012.

BTW, I'm sure the guy who WF is getting from Cornell is American so that makes if this kid was an international I'm sure it would be an outrage.

Hypocrisy to be continued.
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