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there are some pretty awful rivalries out there.

borg was the worst. v gerulaitis he was 17-0 and v vilas he was 17-5. watchin borg steamroll the tour in the 70s must have been borin as hell

sampras-courier has gotta be one of the worst for two greats o the game. sampras led courier 16-4, even dusted him up on clay a coupla times

agassi-ferreira is prolly one of the biggest dominations ever over a top 10 player. agassi not only leads 11-0, but ferreira only ever won 1 set against him. even more impressive since ferreira was 6-7 against sampras

becker-edberg is my fav H2H rivalry, just cos its so schitzophrenic. becker leads edberg 25-10 but trails 3-1 in grand slams
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