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Originally Posted by ATP100 View Post
Hmmm, yes, the net is not part of the game. The net puts points on the board. The net doesn't make you hit better, serve better, volley better, It prevents you from these things. I know, sounds crazy, but in 2 hours, if you hit the ball higher, you will hit "X" amount of balls. If you keep hitting the net, you will hit less balls, slowing your learning curve.

P.S. You do hit good, I can just tell, if you choose to, you can be better.
I understand what you are saying but I think with my current way I hit the ball, if I go any higher, balls will start landing behind the baseline. I think most of my normal shots have fair clearance (at least I feel it that way) and the ones that go lower are usually flatter. I need to put more topspin to my forehand to make this effective for me.
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