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Originally Posted by Clarky21 View Post
Get real. Nadal nor Fed are fat,and both of them are better looking than your beady eyed hero,****. You can't polish a turd,and **** is living proof of that.
but, Clarky, what are you talking about darhling? Fed is so hairy and that nose, OMG, just gross, only Mirka and his mom can love that hairy thing with a big nose. **** is perfect, tall, lean, lanky, beautiful green eyes ... Murray too, beautiful teeth, lovely hair ... Rafa is like, no class, no manners, can't even speak English, IQ 75 maybe (uncle Tony thinks for him because Rafa can not think), ... not sure what is with you women nowadays, ... I'm straight but I find both Djesus and Murray to be like 100 x better looking than Ballerina and your Clay piggy ...

Clarky, I hope you still love me, but I question your taste in men ... so disappointed with you. smarten up, or you'll never get married (you'll get desparate and marry ***, no I don't want to see that, I still hope there are some options for you)

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