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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Does it relegate him to permanent non-GOATdom considering that Rio is too far away and Nadal has the Golden Career Slam and winning H2H?
There is no "greatest of all time" category in this life. "All time" is forever. Who knows if there will be a player who will win 5 calendar year grand slams in year 9890? Besides, tennis players play in different eras, against different players. It is not as if all tennis players (from all eras) playing together at the same time against each other.

When the judgment day comes, when all human beings will be raised from death, then all tennis players who has ever played tennis in this earth can hold "the greatest of all time" tournament or championship. They all should play against each other until we find who the greatest is. That's if you believe in mumbo jumbo.

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