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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
Yes, you think you are strong enough to go from SW's in the 340's or so to the 360's...but then try playing 3 hard sets with it. Even though you're swinging something that still weighs less than a pound, you'd be amazed at how much more gassed you are. I tried it in a match a few seasons ago and I got crushed in the 3rd set because I was so tired.

I think huge swingweights are beneficial if:

-you hit every day
-are in excellent shape
-play guys who actually hit hard

At my level, I rarely face a shot that overpowers me because of swingweight. I probably have the biggest serve of anyone I play, and I'm lucky if it's over 110MPH, so I'm never having the racquet knocked out of my hand by some dude bashing 120MPH+.

In my case, and this probably goes for most guys 4.5 and under, the liabilities from such heavy sticks tend to outweight the benefits. You lose a ton on defense and reaction shots.
I know lots and lots of very good college players, D3 through D1 (although not upper echelon D1), teaching pros/coaches, and very high level juniors who use regular sticks with little to no weight additions

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