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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Then why don't you file a complaint and enclose the emails?
To be clear . . . I am not the captain, and I wasn't there.

Anyway, my captain did file a grievance this morning. She addressed the issue of the double-default and included the email exchange.

She also identified another dispute.

Sarah's partner arrived seven minutes late (format for this match was 90 minute timed match with five minute warm-up, 15 minute default period). As I understand it, that is loss of toss and two games.

Diana advised Sarah that our team would be serving up 2-0, and Sarah disagreed. Sarah said there are no game penalties for tardiness in the DC league. Diana appealed this to the league coordinator, who agreed with Sarah.

I have to run, but I thought those time penalties are in the local rules or mid-Atlantic rules or something.
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