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Me and my partner tried to out hit each other just for change. Down side is rallies are shorter. We are both old school as you can see but I would loved to modernise my shots a bit. I have got a few great tips here in the past but I'm finding, when I simply get into rally I forget what I'm supposed to do. I also know my prep can be a bit late on faster balls.
Anyway, here is the video, if you have any tips feel free to comment.
Not a big fan of the fh or the flying elbow. Your windup is too big, too complicated, too much independent arm swing, not enough upper body rotation. No wonder you tend to be late. Further, your huge windup seems to result in deceleration by contact and a short follow through.

I would recommend a couple of things to start:
- SW grip, or at least a full Eastern grip.
- Keep your racquet pointing straight up and your right hand on the throat of the racquet until you have completed your unit turn back.
- Initiate the unit turn forward with your legs and right hip, which pulls your upper body, which pulls your arm and racquet through contact.
- Keep your elbow in and forward during your entire stroke until contact.
- At contact your elbow moves out and up.
- Turn your chest to 9 O'Clock on your unit turn back, and 3 O'Clock on your finish with your elbow pointing to the target.

Ultimately, you will be swinging almost exclusively with upper body rotation and very little with independent arm movement until after contact.
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