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Goosebump moment tonight. I watched the swimming on one of the dedicated channels, which means you get to see whole medal ceremonies rather than cut aways to Lineker or Balding. A little deflated that Becky missed the gold, but the reception she got when she stepped on the podium was awesome. They then have to parade around the pool to have photos taken, and the crowd started cheering even louder and chanting her name.

Four years ago, she showed how good she is. Since then, she's shown what it means to be part of Team GB, to support your teammates, and to be, well, perfectly lovely to boot. Although winning a bronze is nothing to be sniffed at, she must have been disappointed, and it was frankly fantastic to see the response from the crowd. I don't really buy in to the whole 'sporting losers' philosophy, but there really *is* more to sport than just winning.
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