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Originally Posted by Julio Goerges View Post
IB1B4U, where do you get these big pictures of Julia?
Couple of hints.

1. Depending on what browser you have, right click on the picture to get the URL.
2. Type the URL into a new window.
3. Sometimes the URL will have a clue as to whether there are other sizes available.
4. Manipulate the URL to see if you can find a larger version of the picture.

1. I cut an pasted a picture of BVS into a browser window.

2. The "622x415" was a clue that the size had been manipulated. I truncated the URL and got a big-*** version of the same picture.

3. I then went to the base URL to see what other pics were out there.

4. To find the other pics, click on "Photo" and then "International Tennis..."

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