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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
Wuppy's posts are all full of valuable content.

"all polys feel the same"

"string companies need to provide cost to manufacture poly strings because they should only cost a few cents since it's just extruded plastic"

"string poly at 62#s"

"ball pocketing causes shots to launch long, therefore don't need the string bed to pocket the ball"

"hard to generate topspin w/ wilson racquet head shape"

"hit strokes by brushing the ball and not driving through the ball"

"anyone under a 4.5 using anything under a 100 sq in racquet is deluding himself"

"limit users to 10 posts a day"

Deep arguments.
Step 1: Refute content of argument. If that fails, Step 2: question intelligence of the author. If that fails, Step 3: demonize the messenger.
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