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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
No, that is not ok but Azarenka is a lot ruder to ball girls/boys and other personnel related to tennis tournaments on a daily basis than Serena is. Check out Azarenka during a match and how she must have the balls given to her from a certain side of the court and if not, watch how she reacts. The cameras often do not pick it up but if you go to tournaments you can see it for yourself live.

SERENA is the worst example of how a number one player should act as a role model that we have had in a while. Wozniacki as number one did not win a slam that is true, but her behavior as a number one representing the sport was a lot more professional and respectable than Azarenka's.

It was a beautiful sight how Serena Williams pummelled Azarenka today, just pure joy.
Their you go. In fact after her episode probably the worst in womens tennis past present and future along with other glaring issues from her career.
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