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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Trista, how would you tension a yonex stick if you did poly mains and syn crosses? I want to mess with the polyspin in the mains and I know that yonex says to string the crosses lower. Well I'd like to try something like 54 main and 56 crosses since it is syn gut, but I am not sure if this is good for the stick.

I have researched and talked to some people (today btw) in respect of this tension with 3-4 Lbs less on crosses with Yonex.

A few of the players I talked to, the coach who lives in my neighborhood who plays with Yonex Xi he also uses 3Lbs less on crosses, his kids also use 3 lbs less on Xi 98 and Vcore 98D.

I also read some posts from buckethead and he also was on the 3 lbs less on crosses, this week somebody else who i read his reviews posted on Yonex facebook, also suggested me to keep 3 lbs less on crosses, i started with 2 lbs less recommended from the local shop guy, later I strung with 3 Lbs less, I noticed a little more comfort and slightly more power, I liked it. Now the guy at my local shop started to recommend Yonex with 3 Lbs less as well, He was using Xi 98, and is now with VCore Tour 97 with 3 lbs less.

As far as hybrids, I don't know much, I guess people use synthetic gut crosses because it's cheaper, less performance and add the comfort, so in this case I would think stringing a synthetic gut 3lbs would only add more comfort and power to the string bed, maybe more spin depending how the strings interact with themselves, that friction theory and so forth.

Bottom line is, I'm very happy with my set up, already with 5-6 months or so, doesn't cost to try it, it may be good.

Lastly, browsing through some posts of a member of string forum gulbisbighitter, that seems to be another Yonex expert, He too uses 3 lbs less, appears to be a general consensus that Yonex does really work better with crosses being 3-4 lbs lower.

Try and let us know.

If you want a poly with less power the poly Tour HS is the one, great string, it tamed my Xi Team Plus like Ceasar Milano taming dogs .
2X YY 97T 310 with YY PTSPIN 47/43. ---Yonex PC Light, waiting for VCore TourG. Stan is the MAN.

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