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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post

Yes, Budge with six Grand Slam titles has the record but only if we omit pro majors.

If we include the latters we come to 9 majors in a row of Rosewall (where he participated). Tilden has won 8 majors where he participated.
Tilden's 8 were all Grand Slam titles (from 1920-25). He has that over Budge; no pro majors needed.

However Budge was the victor in 6 consecutive Grand Slam events, which is still the record in the classic majors (Tilden's maximum was two in a row, the Wimby/US double).

What is the longest streak in the pro majors, without skipping any?

By the way, who stopped Rosewall's streak of 9 majors won in which he participated?
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