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wrist looks good. swing looks a little better.

but your still going to produce a wimpy ball that i would eat up no problem.

you need to drive through the ball a little more. you have only brush there. no extension through the ball. and add some internal shoulder rotation. you have almost none.

all of your energy looks like it's focused on some point after the point of contact.
the energy has to be focused and explode on the contact point.

it looks like your main goal is to get the racquet to the left side of your body and you can't wait to get the racquet there. change your focus to impart power on the ball at the contact point.

look at djokovic. you can tell he wants to hit the ball hard with a lot of spin and he's going to tell the ball where to go. you on the other hand look like you want to dance with some imaginary partner that's waiting on your left side.

look how his racquet goes through ball. look at how his feet, rotation, uncoiling, body position, eyes, pronation, intent and his entire focus is all directed to the contact point. he's attacking the ball. the ball gets the energy and intent.

and he doesn't end up turned completely around facing the other way with his legs facing towards camera with the racquet nicely cradled in his left hand like an imaginary dance partner.

and look at his casual swing at 6:23. he's not swinging hard. but you can tell he's focused on impact point. everything goes there. the follow through happens naturally after that. you don't have to force the follow thru if everything before contact is good.
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