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You just dont understand anything do you ? I am not furious deep down ı am even happy that Roger is doing well,because he is a great player and important for the game.On the other hand his sudden rise to the form is strange just like Djokos amazing performance last year and Nadals suddenly finding form exactly in the right times most of time through out his career.Roger age nearly 31 isnt above from this ugly argument ı am afraid.An argument that started mostly by Fed fans and Nadal haters.
I have wondered if the top three players in meetings with the ITF have worked out a way by which each player gets a year to be on dope but when next year rolls around it'll be the next guy's turn. Rafa pummeled everything in sight during 2010. Novak's tennis increased somewhat suddenly during 2011. Now Roger is. . .oh who am I kidding--Roger is not doping.
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