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Originally Posted by Pure Babs View Post
I had a chance to play with the "new" Donnay Pro One 18x20 for the last week and hope this review is helpful. First of all, I am a 4.0-4.5 level player. I currently am using the Youtek IG Prestige MP, previously I used Babolat Pure Drives. Only customization so far is an overgrip and rubberband vibration dampener and strung with a Donnay Syn Gut at 55 lbs. I will compare it to the Prestige throughout.

(Edited ... Continued)

Overall: Overall I can say I was really impressed with the Donnay Pro One 18x20. It really shines on all areas of the court. It's stable, has a good mass, feel, and offers a nice power:control ratio. I did get a chance to test the 16x19 version, and found it felt stiff, had too much pop and I couldn't harness it's power. This new 18x20 version is much improved, with greater control and flexibility[/B]. I would compare it to the Wilson nblade 98 and obviously the Head Youtek Prestige MP. Definitely worth a try, IMO. I'll try to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability! Here are some pictures first with the prototype "X-Dual Pro" and then a headsize comparison with the Prestige.
Hi Pure Babs,

Thanks for the awesome review, much appreciated. I'm thinking/wondering if the early release version 18x20 you were able to obtain was much more flexible than the 18x20's that are shipping today? TW lists the (average) 16x19 as 64ra, and the (average) 18x20 as 68. Add in denser string bed to a stiffer frame, and the 18x20 seems (at least on paper) mucho stiffer, not softer. That's a key distinction btwn the two, for many of us sniffing out the specs from afar.

I'm stressing the word "average" here as it seems there is quite a range even between racquets of the same model. I have three P1 97's, 16x19's. One is 64 ra, the other two are 67.

If they vary in flex so much, Perhaps the best answer is to ring up Donnay or TW, and ask em to look for (on the code sticker) a matched set of whatever is in my wheelhouse.


- Jack
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