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Originally Posted by baseline_monster View Post
Seems like quite a silly accusation. These top players in this era are being tested all the time. Apart from that, they are full time athletes with the best training and diet plans available. In other words, their built for the extremes of the sport. To be quite honest reading over some comments here it is quite funny how narrow minded some guys are on here. Nadal has been a physical monster since he was 15 and now he is burning out, thats natural. Rumours about Rafa's "drug" use have been around for years, the explanation is they are around as a result of jealousy from other players who dont train as hard, have as much natural talent or any mental strengh. Think of any sport, there is 3-4 examples of players who are exceptional, tennis is no different.
NO THEY ARE NOT. Where do you come up with this absolute crap? Are you making the *assumption* that it's the case? Do some research.
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