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Earlier I misread this question and answered one you did not ask. I try to READ IT first and see it it works out better. I just don't know enough about Bueno's game to respond intelligently. here's my guesswork otherwise. Court had superior physical attributes. Better reach on the backhand to get to a wide volley and slide it either way with control, and she could put more pace behind those forehand passes and that stronger arm and wrist meant better control if the ball got slightly behind her. Court lacked the variety and imagination that King had, so the patterns were more predictable but there was no glaring weakness to send that volley to.

Billie jean could anticipate with unnerving accuracy where the serve, volleys or overheads were likely to go, and had the edge in mobility to get to drop volleys and wrong footing volleys. From what I saw of her, she was remarkable at providing her opponent with exactly the shot/ dink that would make her hit the most uncomfortable volley, and then another gaining more advantage with each exchange.
The problem was that her forehand pass was suspect, so she go for the lob on that wing a bit more frequently. It wasn't as deceptive as her backhand lob/ passes were.

In the end, i'd give the edge to - drumroll - Court
Thanks. I might give it to Court also.

The drumroll was dramatic.
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