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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
A silver in singles competition, to me at least, seems much better than getting a gold in the joke event that is mixed doubles. Regular doubles, I guess the gold would be the choice.

Mills Raonic was asked whether he would prefer a silver medal in singles or a gold in mixed doubles, he said silver medal in singles

It is almost conflicting with the spirit of olympics when athletes choose only to pursue singles than doing doubles / mixed doubles as well. It is not that if they chose to do just singles they will get a medal for certain. Of course Serena is an exception. If she submitted her entry for mixed, she would have got all 3 golds.

You have to pull for Murray here... In the true spirit, he participated in all 3 events.

In many ways, the top athletes are selfish that they want to focus on 'singles' gold, when there is really a huge chance for them to earn more medals in doubles / mixed.

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