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Originally Posted by TeflonTom View Post
sandbaggin is the most overused term in league tennis. everybody who gets their *** handed to them is convinced the guy they played was a sandbagger

just gotta look at recent threads in this forum with ppl *****in about 'ringers' at sectionals
Sorry but I'm not getting my *** handed to me. I went 6-1 this season plus another 3-1 in playoffs. I even went 1-1 against the great Miller's team. And there are a few others in this very thread that have experience with this guy by playing on his team and they admitted to what goes on. So maybe you should just stay out of a thread if you are only talking out of your ***.

This League Coordinator finds college guys, self rates at 4.0 and tells them to lose a few matches a season to keep their ratings down. His senior team took 4th at Nationals last year and I believe the same core guys won the mixed nationals too. These aren't your typical old guys. They are all very good and if they wanted to compete at 4.5, they would easily be .500 players. But when he has them losing to 2&1 to 3.5 players (or guys that are just flat awful and should be playing 3.5) to keep them from being bumped to 4.5, it's pretty F** up. This isn't just a captain I'm talking about. This is the freaking League Coordinator. He is directly cheating the system that he is put in charge to run.

At the end of the day, he is only doing what he can to compete against the teams from Dallas and Houston that are much deeper and have plenty of guys doing the same thing. And unfortunately, the team I play on is going to have to start doing it too. I just hate that my team is full of true 4.0 players that never throw a match and we have to play against a team that loses on purpose because they don't win enough at their true level.
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