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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post

You overrate Hewitt/McMillan. They lost several matches at majors to Newcombe/Roche, Emerson/Laver, Rosewall/Stolle and Okker/Riessen.

Hewitt/ McMillan, of course a superb doubles formation, won the 1967 amateur Wimbledon and the 1972 Wimby in a boycott year...
1972 Boycott? Hewitt/Mc Millie won a record number of slams, that alone puts them in a league by their own.

Plus, no other team ( with the possible exception of Bromwich-Quist and Borotra-Cochet) played with so much touch, angles and deep knowledge of the position.They moved like they were one single man.

What is your problem, Mr Bobbyone?
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