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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post

I don't have a problem but I would ask you to be objective with Hewitt/McMillan.

Why so harsh? I respect you as a true expert.

Hewitt/McMillan don't have the record number in majors. They "only" have won five.
Newcombe/Roche have won 12 (official record)

Best record have Hoad/Rosewall with 15 majors!

You know that 1972 was a Wimbledon boycott year (pros did not play)...
Hewitt-Mc Millan won more than 60 titles together and dominated for a whole decade, probably a bigger slot of time than Newk and Rochey 8 whom I rank nš1, as you could see).

In the 1978 final, they destroyed Fleming/Mc Enroe; no other team ever ( with the possible exception of Mc namara and Mc namee) have been able to achieve such a feat.

I donīt know if you ever saw them play when they were playing their best years.I did, and that is why I have few doubts about their status as a possible GOAT doubles team
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