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Normally I'd overrule a rec "partner" if I was sure. Yesterday a serve hit smack on the line and my "appointed, not by me, partner" called it out. I looked at our opponent's and gave a shrug, since I'm sure they thought it was good. This was near the end of a second set, my "partner" and I were about to lose 4-6, 4-6. On the next serve to me, I was going to give a make-up point to them by hitting into the net or the fence, but the server double-faulted to me so I couldn't help out to even the score. Next serve to me and I obviously tanked the shot into the net giving them the game.

My "partner" had abdicated making any line calls for the entire match leaving it to me--except for that one serve on the line that he loudly proclaimed "OUT", of the blue. I didn't feel like making an issue out of this so late into a match that was no longer tennis. My partner doesn't possess a shot to save his life and bases his whole game on dashing and darting about with no rhyme or reason attempting to knock down floaters. Yesterday he missed 98 out of 100. He has no clue as to doubles positioning or strategy and appropriately pulled a leg muscle in the last game. He wanted to play on so I told him to just stand on the service line, (where he belongs anyway). He normally plays tight to the net and runs like a mad man back to the baseline in futile attempts to reach the lobs that are obviously coming. Of course he's always pulling leg muscles with this stupid strategy. So, in this case, he self punished for his lousy play, and call(s).
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