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Originally Posted by mrrockstar View Post
How does Sweetspot and Power compare to P1 16x19?

I have a P1 16x19, it is the biggest sweetspot of every racquet I ever had (Prestige Mid, Prestige Pro, Volkl PB10 mid, ProKennex Qtour, ProKennex Ki5, Babolat APD GT...)

and Power of P1 16x19 is also rated quite high above average

I've only had the X-Dual Pro for a week. In that short amount of time on the court i've found it to be less powerful than the Pro 1 16x19. Especially when hitting slightly off the smaller sweetspot. There are others on the boards with a lot more experience with it who are better players who may disagree. In an attempt to be as comprehensive with these racquets as possible, I got a 3 week demo with the Pro 1 18x20 coming from Donnay. I've read others say that racquet plays different than the X-Dual Pro.
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