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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi Pure Babs,

Thanks for the awesome review, much appreciated. I'm thinking/wondering if the early release version 18x20 you were able to obtain was much more flexible than the 18x20's that are shipping today? TW lists the (average) 16x19 as 64ra, and the (average) 18x20 as 68. Add in denser string bed to a stiffer frame, and the 18x20 seems (at least on paper) mucho stiffer, not softer. That's a key distinction btwn the two, for many of us sniffing out the specs from afar.

If they vary in flex so much, Perhaps the best answer is to ring up Donnay or TW, and ask em to look for (on the code sticker) a matched set of whatever is in my wheelhouse.
Jack, that may very well be, as I did get an early release version. If I didn't have the specs in front of me though, I would swear the 18x20 was more flexible than the 16x19. It could also be that the power level is a lot higher with the closed pattern. Who knows. Specs can be decieving. Could also have been the strings... I'd have to hit with the 16x19 again!

Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
Look up the definition of 'matte' then the definition of 'glossy'. I'm not saying the Pro 1 is shiny black or iridescent.
Kal El & Suppawat both made the same distinction in the first version of this thread 6 months ago. They each posted hi res pics of the X-dual pro next to the Pro 1 16x19 and if you insist I can do so as well.
Whew, thanks for catching that, and yes, you are dead-on. The P1 retail is actually more glossy than the completely matte X-Dual Pro. But like you said, it's not the shiny glossy you would find on say the 2012 Pure Drive or BLX Blade etc.

Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
I've only had the X-Dual Pro for a week. In that short amount of time on the court i've found it to be less powerful than the Pro 1 16x19. Especially when hitting slightly off the smaller sweetspot. There are others on the boards with a lot more experience with it who are better players who may disagree. In an attempt to be as comprehensive with these racquets as possible, I got a 3 week demo with the Pro 1 18x20 coming from Donnay. I've read others say that racquet plays different than the X-Dual Pro.
I have a feeling you are really going to like the final retail 18x20. I was one who did feel a difference between the two (with the XDP feeling more demanding and less powerful). Really a smooth feeling racket and I would have switched to it if not for the Yonex Vcore 95 (for power and maneuverability).
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