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Default The Olympics Don't Matter

Look, I'm not trying to detract from Murray's win here, but let's be honest, this event has never been played by all the top players nor taken as seriously by them. The fact that Nadal isn't here speaks volumes. There is no tradition to Olympic tennis; it's an exhibition, albeit a less raucous one. The Olympics are only worth 750 points. Less than a damn Masters, yet people are making such a big deal over it, as if this match is a game-changer for Murray. Federer had a brutal semi-final, and at his age, needs to conserve himself for things that matter, like Cincy, the USO and Basel. I think that's why he played one-strike tennis...

Which brings me to my next point: This tournament should not have been played at Wimbledon. It was grass for one day, and became clay the next. Nadal would have waltzed to this title. I've been a landscaper for years, and I know you simply can't replant and successfully grow lush, pristine grass in a matter of weeks. It was a joke, and on that second day I knew an aggressive player wouldn't do jack here. The Olympics should have been played at O2, where the courts are perfect all year round.

When it all comes down to it, in a really big moment, we've seen time and time again Murray collapses under the pressure. Winning a mickey mouse title like this isn't going to change anything. Even Monte Carlo has more prestige. Murray will fold like a cheap tent come USO time, and a real champion will own the glory.
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