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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post

Unfortunately I have not impressed you much with the records I have given to you.

I have seen Hewitt/McMillan and was impressed. They surely were one of the best doubles but never No. 2. Hoad/Rosewall were stronger, f. i.

I have already written that in the first three open era years H/M lost deciding matches in the majors: to the three big Aussie formations plus even to Okker/Riessen.

They dominated only after the best doubles duos became old or had retired.

H/M won many South African titles with poor competition.
So, you donīt consider Fleming/Mc Enroe a " dominating" team? Please, letīs talk seriously.

Okker/Riessen were a very good team but canīt compare with the record of the two Southafricans ( remember Hewitt is Australian born).

Hoad/Rosewall probably had more potential than reality, because they turned pros very early.I am sure they would have dominated the Gran Slam titles if remained amateur.Would have been great see them against Emerson/Stolle or Emerson/Laver and, of course, against Newcombe/Roche.

The first great team from Australia were Bromwich and Dr Quist, followed by Sedgman and Ken Mc Gregor.Both teams could beat any other team ever formed at any time.
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