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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
Federer may say winning the Olympic gold was important to him because he had never won it and because he was representing Switzerland, but he's just being politically correct. Great champions have never excelled at the Olympics.
Agassi 1996, Nadal 2008?

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It's a short week with a meager draw, mostly played best-of-three. It's been won primarily by has-beens and never-wases. Federer is more than satisfied with the silver in terms of representing the white cross. Why go all out trying to outgrind the pusher of all pushers when there is another Cincy just around the corner? A tournament played on a genuine fast surface (most years), I might add.
Well, the 'pusher of all pushers' has won that one twice!

Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
I think the fact that it comes around only once every four years is skewing perception and making this 24 year "tradition" seemingly more prestigious than it is. It's a 500 and change, and about as meaningful as the NFL Pro Bowl.
Oh I suspect you'd be singing a different tune about its worth if Federer had actually won the gold medal he had so set his heart on winning!
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